Individual, unique, beautiful: The maison f. promises a feel-good character with special accessories. These include, for example, porcelain from Italy or room fragrances from southern France, which are available exclusively for Hamburg, or even for Germany. Responsible for this is Falk Pachulski. He loves the beauty in life. He is a Lebemensch. His goal? He wants with maison f. The answer to the question is how each person can make their own home more beautiful and emphasize this with special arrangements. This requires not only exceptional products but also courage. "It's about daring to dare something," says Pachulski.

It is an appeal to let your own imagination run wild. Why not mix colors and objects to create something beautiful - far from any catalog or furniture store. Because: Your own four walls are the protective wall of every human and this should therefore be as beautiful, unique and individual as possible.

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